Resemble Systems delivers AI-powered automation solutions that radically transforms the way you work in service of human creativity and collaboration. Our market leading Business Automation Platform combines the leading robotic process automation (RPA) with a full suite of capabilities that empowers people enterprise-wide to create better ways to operate, innovate, and drive business outcomes more easily and efficiently than ever.

Empathy is essential to deal with problems everywhere, whether at Microsoft or at Home, that is also a mindset, a culture

Satya Nadella CEO, Microsoft

    Our Strategy Statement

    Achieve our targeted revenue in 2024 at a double digit rate of CAGR & EBITDA Saudi Arabia focusing targeted sectors with Intelligent Automation, saving 70% in process automation and help our customers digitally transform.

    The big problem we’re helping to solve

    There’s a challenge every business faces today—they need to build an enterprise that can do more without adding more. It’s a constant issue because every new transformation initiative, market opportunity, or unforeseen challenge can force significant investments in time, money, and talent. And as economic volatility continues to rise alongside customer expectations, businesses feel a deep sense of urgency to grow and innovate. They need technology that ensures no friction between a good idea and its successful execution, accelerating the organization’s ability to work and realize its vision.

    The unique value we create

    For businesses that need to evolve to survive and thrive through increasingly unpredictable

    times, Resemble Systems with its unique vendor eco-system democratizes automation so that everyone, everywhere in your organization can help build the foundation for continuous and evolving innovation.

    Why customer should believe us

    Resemble Systems enables companies to achieve better outcomes with greater speed and streamlined operating flow that transform customer and employee experiences. Our services combined with world class software platform understands, automates, and operates end-to-end business processes across the organization.


    Our unique way of delivering projects by following agile based services delivery helps organizations, and their employees discover quick wins and new value for money while enabling full process automation from finding what can/should be automated to analyzing results to continuous process improvement.Our services and platforms empowers your employees to deploy processes that serve their needs while simplifying company processes, so they run faster, cheaper, and with better flow than ever before.

    We’ve carefully engineered our services and platforms to automate many diverse processes, helping build bridges to innovations and scale its impact throughout the rest of the organization. The platforms that we are offering are enterprise-grade and secure.


    You can trust that more of the investments you make in driving value pay off. You can show proof of value with ultimate service excellence and platform transparency and always see the progress you’re making. Demonstrate ROI and gain insights that help you continuously monitor the returns on your investment.

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