Kodak Info Input Solution

Intelligent Document Processing Automation for Everyone, Anywhere

As the river of incoming documents becomes a flood,
it becomes increasingly difficult to pull out high-quality
data from the rapids and get it where it needs to go.
Businesses require an intuitive solution that is easy to
use and easier to manage which means minimizing
human intervention and leveraging intelligent
automation from start to finish.

Kodak Info Input Solution offers the industry’s most intuitive web-based interface that automates and simplifies the journey from document arrival to processing quickly, accurately and reliably.

Kodak Alaris is Where Digital Transformation Starts

Incredibly intuitive, fiercely flexible, and exceptionally scalable, Kodak Info Input Solution onboards documents of any complexity from any source email attachments, scanned papers, mobile uploads, and more and automatically transforms them into information that can be validated and integrated directly into existing business systems and RPA tools. The fully customizable user interface requires minimal training and no coding experience to configure, while a “scan” button added to common applications like Salesforce provides one-click easy input directly within the app working together to deliver unbeatable ease of use, productivity, and time to value.

What to Expect

  • Scalability: Empower fast and sustainable business growth, from a single department to complex, high-volume enterprises.
  • Ease of Use: Guarantee adoption with an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that requires minimal training, so your UI can look exactly like the form you’re verifying.
  • Simplified Processes: Utilize the same document processing capabilities for both digital and paper-based content.
  • Experience: Wipe out delays and wait times by automatically extracting key data from documents via barcode, OCR, ICR, OMR, and handwriting recognition engines.
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customer satisfaction rating

“This solution has virtually 100% uptime, which is amazing considering we have over 6,000 users throughout the state responding to requests for vital services.”

– IT Director, State Department of Human Service

Kodak Alaris Makes Sense

With over 150 patents for innovations in image capture and processing and a proven track record of exemplary service and support Kodak Alaris is helping businesses think in new and innovative ways. Simplify business processes, harmonize data across departments, and scale your business faster with Info Input Solution.

Info Input Solution’s intelligent integrations extend well beyond these industry stars, so it can expand and scale with whatever tools are right for your business.