Resource Augmentation

Resemble Systems offers “Resource augmentation” (Staffing ), is a great option of hiring specialized software engineering talents to gain a competitive advantage, which allows organization to develop a cost effective service excellence. We help ‘augment’ or supplement our existing workforce with our valued clients to meet their specific business objectives, tackle projects, or fill skill gaps without the need for hiring new full-time employees.

This approach allowed many of our clients to be more flexible and responsive to business needs, project demands, and market changes.

Resemble Systems, with over 14 years of experience, serving customers across the Middle East primarily in Saudi Arabia and UAE markets consistently as a pioneer in resource augmentation helps industries find the right talent for their business requirements. We place dedicated software engineers as per their specific needs, quality standards across industry verticals from Banking, Financial services, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Utilities, Communication & Media, Technology & Telecom services, and beyond. Our goal is to maintain a high-quality, customer-focused resource augmentation engagement model with our value added Project Management Office with ownership of the resources and their performance.


Flexibility and Scalability

Adjusting Workforce Size:Our client can scale their teams up or down based on project requirements or seasonal demand without the long-term commitment of hiring permanent staff.
Adapting to Changing Needs: Our clients can quickly adapt to new technologies, project requirements, or market trends by bringing in specialists.

Cost Efficiency

Reducing Overhead Costs: Augmented staff typically do not require the same level of benefits, office space, or equipment as full-time employees, reducing overall operational costs.
Control Over Budgets: Our clients can better control project budgets by hiring external resources for a defined period, aligning costs directly with project timelines.

Access to Specialized Skills

Filling Skill Gaps: Resource augmentation allows our clients to access specific skills or expertise that may not be available in-house, essential for project success or to stay competitive.
Quick Integration: External resources can often quickly integrate into existing teams, bringing in fresh perspectives and specialized knowledge.

Focus on Core Business

Allowing Focus on Core Functions: By outsourcing non-core activities or specific skill needs, our clients can focus on their core competencies and business development.
Project-Specific Expertise: Augmented resources can provide the expertise needed for specific projects without diverting the internal team's focus from their primary responsibilities.

Risk Management

Mitigating Employment Risks: Hiring augmented staff reduces the risks associated with permanent employment, such as long-term financial commitments or the complexities of downsizing.
Compliance and Administrative Burden: Resemble Systems manages administrative duties, compliance, and HR functions related to augmented staff, reducing the workload on our client.


Contractual Agreement: The Resource agumentaiton arrangement is governed by a mutually agreed contract between Resemble Systems and our client, specifying the duration, scope of work, rates, and other terms of the engagement.

We offer a strategic advantage by providing agility and access to a broad talent pool, allowing our client to respond effectively to business challenges and opportunities. We also ensure effective integration our resources into existing teams, and strategic alignment with the company's broader goals as success of resource agumentation is depends on clear communication between augmented stafff and existing staff.

Technological Expertise

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