ABBYY FineReader Server Overview

ABBYY FineReader is a powerful and versatile software solution for optical character recognition (OCR) and document conversion. It allows you to scan, digitize, edit, and convert any type of paper or digital document into editable formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or e-book. With ABBYY FineReader, you can easily access and reuse the information locked in your documents, whether they are printed, scanned, photographed, or downloaded from the web. ABBYY FineReader also offers advanced features for document analysis, comparison, protection, and collaboration. You can use it to compare different versions of a document, add comments and annotations, redact sensitive information, or sign and certify your documents electronically. ABBYY FineReader is designed to meet the needs of various users and industries, such as education, legal, finance, healthcare, and more. It supports over 200 languages and works with a wide range of scanners, cameras, and image formats.

ABBYY FineReader Server Benefits

Below are ABBYY FineReader Server features and benefits:

AI-powered OCR

AI-powered OCR: Converts documents into searchable and editable formats with high accuracy and speed in over 200 languages1.

Flexible PDF technology

Flexible PDF technology: Compresses PDFs to minimize file size while preserving quality; supports various PDF standards and features such as digital signatures and watermarking1.

Server-based architecture

Uses all available hardware resources efficiently and scales up to handle large volumes of documents12.

Integration with existing systems

Connects easily with digital archives or enterprise content management systems via XML tickets, COM-based APIs, and web service APIs, including REST API1. Provides native integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Search Server.

How ABBYY FineReader Server Works?

ABBYY FineReader Server works by performing the following steps.

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