Infrastructure Management Services

Today, enterprises face intense pressure to stay agile and responsive to a volatile business environment. The emergence of analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, and security is forcing enterprises to rethink the way they do business. These changes are leading to a rethink on how IT infrastructure services are being designed, provisioned, and maintained for both internal and external clients of an enterprise. At present, the focus is on delivering measurable business value through IT.

IT Infrastructure Services by Resemble Systems

IT Infrastructure Services

Email Implementation & Migration

Enterprises today are experiencing a fundamental shift in email space emphasizing, more than ever, the need for agile, secure and dynamic email solutions for their distributed workforce. The need to break down the barriers of inefficient communication and ensure seamless collaboration is phenomenal. A full-featured access to email and collaboration services is the need of the hour. We build, onboard, operate, manage and provide consulting services on email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook & Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino.

How Resemble helps

Resemble’s strength in delivering email on premise, cloud or hybrid model while integrating with Social, Unified Communications features like presence, instant messaging, web and video conferencing, VOIP, mobility and federation can help your business collaborate in real time, cut project costs and maintain timeliness. Our end-to-end service cover not just support solutions but also provide:

  • Provision Cloud based Email Services
  • Complete end to end migration and on boarding experience to Office 365
  • Onboard Email Workloads faster without additional training
  • Allow you to migrate data from any source to any destination
  • Eliminate desktop visits by allowing you to configure and manage them remotely
  • Offer 24/7 Managed Services to manage your cloud environment
  • Planning and Design your transition to cloud
  • Migration from any Cloud email platform
  • Proven track record in delivering on-premise email services such as IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange
  • AMC Service Desk for 12 months Level 1 & Level 2 support
  • Integrated service delivery , Resemble’s end-to-end delivery engine

EndPoint Security & Management

Client Management Tool

Lack of visibility and control at endpoint makes you vulnerable to security breaches and financial loss. Question is no longer if you will be breached but when. Our unique EndPoint Security & Management service provide a real time visibility and control over all endpoints-from servers to smartphones-both on and off your corporate network, so you can find and fix problems in minutes. Our service helps you mitigate threats by discovering endpoints you do not know even exist. We help you manage 250,000 endpoints from a single server with multiplatform support for over 90 different OS.

How Resemble Helps:

  • Deploy and manage endpoint management solutions such as IBM BigFix and Microsoft SSCM.
  • Help organization to manage OS & Application patches centrally.
  • Help organization to manage OS deployment, upgrade & Application upgrade, software distribution life cycle centrally.
  • Help endpoints to be under security audit, compliance and regulations
  • Provide auditing and compliance report to management using advanced analytics
  • Offering 24/7 AMC support for endpoint management
  • Offering Managed Services for L1 and L2 support

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Our EMM service is the fastest and most comprehensive way to configure devices for enterprise access and secure corporate data on smartphones and tablets—all from a single screen. As a fully integrated cloud platform, our services simplifies EMM with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents. IT administrators can start enrolling devices and immediately manage the entire mobile device lifecycle — from enrollment to enterprise integration, configuration and management, monitoring and security, support, and analytics and reporting.

How Resemble Helps:

  • Adopt BYOD strategy
  • Secure content on mobile devices
  • Secure access to onpremise resources from mobile devices
  • Secure access to web applications
  • Secure email on mobile devices
  • Mobile application wrapping for enhanced security
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features for content security
  • Provisioning IBM Mobile First Protect (earlier known as MaaS360) and Microsoft Intune
  • Advanced Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Expense Management for roaming users
EndPoint Security & Management

Cloud Service

Our Cloud Services portfolio span across private cloud and public cloud services offerings.

Private Cloud

Build a private cloud by leveraging the software defined data center architecture to build and run a vsphere based private cloud. Deliver virtualized infrastructure services and highly available application and services. Server virtualization slashed CAPEX and OPEX costs by more than 50% while expanding business agility. Now you can virtulise the rest of the data center so that all IT services become as cheap and easy to provision and manage as virtual machine.

How Resemble Helps

  • Plan and Design your own private cloud
  • Helps you to run a software defined data center
  • Architect highly available vmware deployment
  • Consolidate and Optimize existing hardware resources
  • Provisioning computing resources dynamically to line of business
  • Design and implement end user computing service
  • Automated tiering and perpetual optimization of data over available storage resources, boosting performance.
  • Outstanding reliability with integrated data protection and disaster management tools optimized for virtual infrastructures.
  • Lower total cost of ownership through a smaller storage footprint, simplified operations, automation and innovative bundled and perpetual software licensing.

Public Cloud

Public clouds are owned and operated by companies that offer rapid access over a public network to affordable cloud computing resources. With public cloud services, users do not need to purchase hardware, software or supporting infrastructure, which is own and managed by providers such as IBM, Microsoft and Amazon.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Resemble Systems offers services around many SaaS solutions such as:

  • Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Microsft Dynamics CRM Online
  • IBM Verse, IBM Connections Cloud, IBM Silverpop, IBM MaaS360

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

IaaS is  a way of delivering cloud computing infrastructure – servers, storage, network and operating system – as an on demand service via secure IP based connectivity. Rather than purchasing servers, software, data center space or network equipment, clients buy those resources as a fully outsources service on demand instead. IaaS is based on virtualization techniques that is creating a virtual version of something, including but not limited to a virtual computer hardware platform, storage device or computer network resources.

How Resemble Helps

  • Help provision Windows and Linux virtual machines in minutes
  • Durable, highly available and massively scalable cloud storage
  • Provision simple and reliable server backup to cloud
  • Help build hybrid cloud
  • Plan and move existing onpremise workload to cloud
  • Synchronize onpremise directories and enable single sign on
  • Help setup site recovery to orchestrate protection and recovery of private cloud
  • Enable multi factor authentication to safe guard access to your data and apps with an extra level of authentication
  • Provision physical bare-metal server to run critical and sensitive workloads
  • Helps setup VPN gateway to establish secure, cross premise connectivity
  • Provide block storage, file storage, object storage and backup on cloud

Security Intelligence – SIEM Services

IBM Security QRadar SIEM consolidates Log source event data from thousands of device end points and application distributed through a network. It performs immediate normalization and correlation activities on row data to distinguish real threat from false positive. As an option, this software incorporates IBM Security X-Force threat intelligence which suppliers a list of potentially malicious IP addresses including malware hosts, spam sources, and other threats. IBM Security QRadar can also correlate system vulnerabilities with event and network data, helping to prioritize security incidents.

How Resemble Helps

  • Help deploy IBM QRadar SIEM solution
  • Help manage application logs centrally
  • Help correlate events, network flows and vulnerability information from scanners
  • Help build custom use cases in accordance to your IT landscape
  • Help adopt hosted security event and log management
  • Use QRadar for managed SOC operation
  • Prioritize security incident management
  • Detect network anomaly and behavioral patterns.
  • Use QRadar Vulnerability Manager to identify system vulnerability
  • Generate custom reports and dashboards for management reporting

Our Security Services include,

  • A new approach to intelligent threat management
  • Solutions designed to keep you ahead of attackers
  • Build a risk aware culture and management system
  • Establish intelligent security operations and rapid threat response
  • Secure collaboration in social and mobile workplace
  • Manage IT hygienically
  • Create a secure and resilient network
  • Address security complexity of cloud and virtualization
  • Manage third party security compliance
  • Assure data security and privacy
  • Manage the digital identity lifecycle
  • Implement and manage EndPoint Protection
  • Implement and manage Email Gateway


Security operations consulting from Resemble Systems provides specialists to help you assess and refine your strategy and then work with you to design a SOC with end-to-end threat management capabilities. Security operations consulting from Resemble Systems helps you establish a SOC designed to deliver a single view of security threats for real-time decision making. With these capabilities, you can:

  • Optimize your ability to react to and contain cyber security events
  • Reduce financial and operational impact to your business
  • Develop a more proactive security posture

Resemble Systems IT Security Consulting is built around a highly skilled team of security consultants that employ some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry. They make use of the latest threat intelligence and countermeasures to help you build effective and efficient security programs.

Local Support Services

With a robust device ecosystem and ever changing user needs, enterprises are faced with a wide range of challenges and require 24×7 support either through a remote infrastructure or on the field supports locally. Time to resolution and quality of resolution are the key critical aspect for enterprises.

RS with its extensive presence across Saudi Arabia, UAE and India countries along with a robust partner ecosystem delivers Local Field support for Network, Data Center and End User Computing with high quality and faster timelines.

Infrastructure Management Company

How Resemble helps

Our local field support service provides near shore presence with capabilities delivering a wide range of benefits to the enterprises. We offer:

      • End-to-End Life Cycle Management services
      • Deliver vendor agnostic support
      • Enable enterprises to reduce costs
      • High efficiency with faster time to resolution
      • Provide support in a multiple languages

Our local field support services include:

      • Hardware maintenance (Desktop, Servers, Storage)
      • Onsite Support Services
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