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Overview & Benfits

In this solution overview, you will learn:

  • How to lower supply chain costs
  • How to onboard partners easily
  • How to improve process visibility
  • Provides faster reaction to marketplace changes
  • Increases data protection
  • Provides ‘virtually any partner, virtually any format’ capability
  • Streamlines B2B processes


IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network – Download whitepaper


IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network

Flexible cloud solutions to help optimize your B2B process automation

Smarter Commerce helps your company build a brand promise, however a synchronized value chain is required to deliver on that promise. Changing marketplace conditions such as growing complexity and lack of visibility have increased the value of e ective B2B process automation to synchronize the systems, processes, and people which drive your value chain. Built on a security-rich cloud infrastructure that can process millions of transactions a day, Sterling B2B Collaboration Network’s service-oriented architecture gives the solution the agility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of multi-enterprise environments. Results include cost savings, process improvements and a synchronized value chain to drive competitive advantage for you.

IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network is a flexible cloud B2B Integration solution providing reliable, secure connectivity and collaboration with customers and business partners. It also delivers unprecedented visibility and control over the business processes shared with outside companies.


  • Improve responsiveness by supporting any data type or format with over 300,000 pre-connected trading entities
  • Boost profit margins by automating business transactions with partners of any size or technical capability
  • Optimize B2B performance by improving strategic decision making with real-time end-to-end process visibility
  • Value Added Network – A single, secure and reliable connection to all your business partners
  • Community – Extend B2B capabilities to your partners and customers regardless of their technical expertise or size
  • Transformation – Communications flexibility regardless of format
  • Visibility – Real-time insight into your B2B operations

Sterling File Gateway can help you increase secure and dependable file transfer with your trading partners. Improve partner onbaording, security and file routing with features that include:

Improved management of file transfer activity

Automated file transfer processes

Fast acclimation of new file transfer partners

Security-rich file transfers

Download datasheet

IBM Sterling Sterling File Gateway

Integrate file transfer capabilities with your other system management applications.

IBM Sterling File Gateway consolidates disparate centers of file transfer activity and facilitates the security-rich exchange of file-based data over the Internet. It helps companies avoid the risk and operational issues that can result from using loosely controlled file-transfer servers.

Sterling File Gateway features include:

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