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  • ​Ease of Use
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Covid 19 Retailers Challenges - ​Offline to Online

​​It is important to understand the pros and cons of not going online

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  •   Pros
  • ​  Quick and easy to ​setup than a physical store
  • ​  Cheap to setup with less risk 
  • ​  There’s no loss to theft
  • ​  24 hour sales, trade all day, ​everyday
  •   National and international reach with wider geographical pool of customers
  • ​  Less employees, save money, more profit
  •   Collect more data, buying behaviour, age, location, demographics, related items
  • ​  Look bigger than you actually are
  •   Stock more items, order on demand
  •   More flexibility - Work from Home
  •   Environmental factors don’t affect the internet like weather, bad traffic, parking etc
  •   No bottlenecks - such as no queues, staff being not available 
  •   Customers can promote your products much more easily - via social media channels
  •   ​Cons
  • ​  ​Marketplaces take a cut, need to sell more to      improve margins
  • ​  ​More competition on Internet with more eCommrece stores 
  • ​  ​​More admin to write / update product description, images, listing
  • ​  ​​Less customer contact is harder to upsell other items
  • ​  ​​No touch or feel the quality of items
  •   Postage - Shipping cost can be expensive
  • ​  Dependency on hardware failure through machine malfunction or disaster


​There are pros and cons to both the online and offline channels. Question is ​how do you get around them? ​Of course, this is a lot more work so you may need to start with one and then implement the other however as a long term goal as you scale your business it makes sense to aim to have what’s known as a ‘bricks and clicks’ business model. Hopefully, this will help you to decide which is the best model is for you to begin with by giving you some insight into the benefits and downsides of either option.

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