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Building a “store of the future” to optimize the in-store customer experience and increase conversion rates. An IoT solution powered by Microsoft Azure/Power BI.

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Download the brochure of Smart Floor Analytics for Healthcare

Retail Use Case

In a smart store, mall traffic can be analyzed across several retailers so we understand the entire shopping journey. In the past, we had to run expensive survey projects to understand if store associates were being responsive to customer service needs and then enactelaborate staff training programs. Now, within smart stores, we will be able our solution to see if customers dwell
over a product area. Then, in real time, direct an associate to help that customer or analyze that information later to adjust store layouts for more efficient customer visits. In addition, by monitoring store traffic and customer demand in real time, we can customize the current in-store shopping experience. That gives us the opportunity to implement rich digital marketing inside the store or announce events to customers via their mobile devices.

  • Increase in-store conversions
  • Create interactive environments
  • Improve customer service

Commercial Use Case

  • Optimize Floor Plan: Enhance your property by making its interior and layout as efficient, intuitive and convenient as possible for every tenant and visitor by understanding traffic behavior.
  • Understand Space Value: Measure which areas of your space generate the highest traffic and set informed and dynamic prices to each square foot of space to generate the highest return.
  • Reduce Energy Expenses: Understand exactly which areas are in use to reduce energy consumption for increased savings, a greener footprint and the opportunity to promote positive branding.

IoT Solution Powered by Microsoft Azure and Power BI

Easy-to-implement floor sensors gather data at an average of 40% higher accuracy and upwards of a 90% higher sample size than other methodologies. The intuitive, device-agnostic platform provides hyper-focused insights and predictive analytics

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Hyper-focused insights and predictive analytics

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