IBM Watson Analytics

One-click data discovery and predictive analysis. All you need is a web browser or download the iPad app to quickly understand what your data is telling you.

IBM Watson Analytics

Enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. Discover relationships. Test correlations. Develop outlooks that can guide you to your next great achievement. Search for insights in your own voice and instantly get answers. Smart data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities enable you to interact with data conversationally. So if you need to quickly spot a trend or your team wants to view insights in a dashboard, Watson Analytics has you covered.

IBM Watson Analytics is a cloud-based data discovery service intended to provide the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. Here are eight organizations using Watson Analytics to transform their operations. IBM Watson represents a new era of computing — a step forward to cognitive computing, where apps and systems interact with humans via natural language and help us augment our own understanding of the world with big data insights. The Watson Analytics offering is intended to provide the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. The data discovery service, available via the cloud, guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables dashboard and info graphic creation.

Upload and refine data

A few clicks makes sure all your data points are in synch, whether you’re discovering or building dashboards.

Use your own words to discover

Starting points appear on your desktop or iPad to get you going. Or type a question. Either way, you’ll understand your insights.

Find what drives your business

A spiral diagram shows you the factors most likely to influence business outcomes and the math behind the findings.

Display your findings

With a choice of dashboard templates, it’s easy to show visualizations so your audience understands your point.

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