IBM PureData System for Analytics

IBM PureData System for Analytics is a purpose-built, standards-based data warehouse and analytics appliance that integrates database, server, storage and analytics into an easy-to-manage system. It is designed for high-speed analysis of big data volumes, scaling into the petabytes.

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IBM PureData Systems powered by Netezza technology is a leading creator of analytic data warehousing appliances that provide clients with a quick, simple and efficient way to deliver high-performance analytics capabilities across an enterprise.

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Fast analytics

Provides a high-performance, massively parallel system that enables you to gain insight from your data and perform analytics on very large data volumes.

Integrated platform

Supports thousands of users, unifying data warehouse, Hadoop and business intelligence with advanced analytics.

Simplified Infrastructure

Easy to deploy and manage; simplifies your data warehouse and analytic infrastructure. Does not require tuning, indexing or aggregated tables and needs minimal administration.

Smart, efficient queries

Simplifies analytics by consolidating all activity in one place, where the data resides.

Key features

  • IBM Fluid Query
  • High-speed architecture
  • Faster time to value

  • IBM Netezza Analytics
  • Embedded analytic platform
  • Scalability

IBM Netezza Appliance

IBM Netezza Appliance

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