Enterprise Project Management

A  flexible, scalable, custom solution for project portfolio management and everyday project management

Enterprise Project Management solutions ensure that organizations select and deliver right projects, ensuring greater visibility and control of resources.

Resemble Systems being a Gold Business Partner, offering Microsoft Project server 2016 and SharePoint 2016 in combination provide an unmatchable and comprehensive Microsoft EPM Solution. Microsoft Project server 2016 gives you robust tools for organizational project management and SharePoint work management solution and ability to match stakeholder dashboard vision with WSS customization (Web parts creation). It is versatile in the terms that it delivers Enterprise Project Management solution even for a small-scale organization to a large enterprise. It is our inference that this is one of the best and fastest user accepted EPM solutions from our client feedback.

Automate Demand Management Process

The demand management process captures all work proposals in one place, guides the proposals through a multistage governance process, helps users make decisions about which proposals to approve, and tracks progress on    project execution until the work is completed. A key component within demand management is the workflow governance model implemented in Project Server.  A governance workflow includes definitions of the life cycle stages through which the project progresses, such as proposal creation and initial approval. The workflow defines what information is required or locked in each stage. For example, a workflow can lock budget cost after the project is approved. A workflow can include necessary manual approval or notification steps and add business logic to update other LOB systems. A workflow can also update an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system when the proposal budget is approved.

Project Life Cycle

In project portfolio management, a project life cycle is a long-running process that spans governance phases. Typical demand management phases are: create, select, plan, and manage. The planning and management phases are accomplished by the more familiar project management processes by using Project Professional and Project Web App. Workflows model the governance processes and provide a structured way for projects to proceed through the phases. Workflows, along with other proposal data in project detail pages (PDPs), are captured and integrated within the demand management feature set, providing a rich and dynamic platform on which customers and partners can build custom solutions

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