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Microsoft SharePoint

We help companies with applying SharePoint to solve complex business challenges. We improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search for better business insight.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a popular configurable and customizable information management platform. It provides out-of-the-box tools that reduce development time and cut costs. Our approach is to configure SharePoint out-of-the-box to reduce implementation cost and time. This may seem straight forward, but with SharePoint having thousands of features, knowing which one to use in a solution takes knowledge and experience.


Business Benefits of SharePoint

Automates business

Enhances communication 
within the organization.

Promotes collaboration
among employees.

Facilitates knowledge sharing 
with searchable repository.

Reduces complexity of securing &
managing information resources.

Better decisions using a central hub to easily access all critical business intelligence.

Service Offerings

Resemble offers deep expertise in Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies. We have the expertise to meet the needs of your company
at any stage of implementation.With our professional skills, services and products, we ensure that your teams and departments are able to
share, publish, connect and collaborate seamlessly over SharePoint portal.


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SharePoint Professional Services

Microsoft SharePoint Server provides a single integrated web-based platform offering collaboration, content management and search. This platform lets your employees communicate effectively and efficiently in an every-day environment that is comfortable and convenient. But like most “out-of-the-box” applications, it needs tweaking, customization, training and individualization to make it work specifically for your company’s needs. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals quickly and easily.

.NET development

Custom features

Custom web-parts development

SharePoint based application development

Custom workflows

Site definitions and templates

SharePoint designer customization

Implementation of site structure & content design


We are able to implement SharePoint and extend its functionality using custom built solutions. Our team is capable of integrating SharePoint with Line of Business applications, Exchange Server, Project Server, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and so on. Our powerful integration expertise helps you extend the capability of existing systems through a flexible single integrated web-based platform adding value to your investment without reinvestment.



  • Upgrade from WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 SharePoint 2010
  • Upgrade from SP 2010 foundation to SharePoint 2010 server
  • Migrate SharePoint Sites, Lists and Libraries between servers

General Services

SharePoint is a popular configurable and customizable information management platform. It provides out-of-the-box
tools that reduce development time and cut costs. Training includes the following,

  • Content Population
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Configuration of SharePoint Server Farm
  • Extranet configuration
  • Setting up web parts that organize Internal and external information
  • External sites Configuration
  • Advanced Search Page
  • Web application configuration
  • Mapping organization Structure to SharePoint
  • Meta-data planning, configuration & implementation
  • Security Management
  • Portal Administration
  • Active Directory Configuration
  • Corporate branding of portal
  • Implementation of Active Directory or forms-based authentication
  • Configuration of
    Backup & restore
  • Content Management
  • Single Sign-On Implementation
  • Information organization & Portal planning
  • Setting up web parts that organize Internal and external information

Value Reposition

To ensure maximum value from SharePoint, it is essential to provide adequate training and support to your users. Resemble Systems gives need based training for end-users, IT administrators and web designers at all levels of experience ranging from novice to expert.

Our team of experts includes Microsoft certified architects, consultants mentors, developers and post-implementation support specialists.

With robust post-implementation support, we make sure our clients reap maximum benefit out of the SharePoint portal.

We work closely with businesses to provide cost-effective and tailor-made solutions.

We break down projects into multiple iterations so that our clients can see quick results and give immediate feedback.

We offer training to end-users to ensure successful adoption of the platform.

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