Accelerate Your Deployment to the Cloud, Safely

There’s no question about the business value of the cloud – the question is how to adapt your security to work for the cloud. Palo Alto Networks® lets you deliver consistent, automated protections across public and private clouds so you can adopt SaaS apps, rapidly roll out cloud-delivered services and apps, and avoid business disruption.

Remove IaaS and PaaS Cloud Risks

Infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings – IaaS and PaaS, respectively – are gaining traction for application development, analytics, business intelligence and more, but they also create new risks. Fragmented security, manual operations and human error can cause breaches as well as slow down application deployments.

Palo Alto Networks provides advanced protection for consistent security across all major clouds – Amazon®Web Services, Microsoft® Azure® and Google® Cloud Platform – and our automation features minimize the friction of app development and security. You can protect and segment applications, deliver continuous security and compliance, and achieve zero-day prevention.

Bridge the SaaS Security Gap

Use of software-as-a-service, or SaaS, applications is exploding, but so are the security risks of SaaS clouds. Sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS adoption alike can increase the risk of data exposure, breaches and noncompliance.

By offering advanced data protection and consistency across clouds, Palo Alto Networks reins in the risks. Our products address your cloud access security broker, or CASB, needs and provide advanced capabilities in risk discovery, data loss prevention and advanced threat protection. Now, you can maintain compliance while preventing data leaks and business disruption through a fully cloud-delivered CASB deployment.

Bring Security and Protection to the Private Cloud

Private clouds give you direct control of security, but the lack of shared responsibility can sometimes increase security risks. You’re responsible for the complete solution, from network to hypervisor to application data security, which requires efficiency in the local data center and tight integration with public clouds for moving to hybrid deployments.

Palo Alto Networks provides advanced protection, security and consistency across locations and clouds. We offer automated security provisioning and template-based security deployment so your policies are ready to go, and they update automatically as new workloads are deployed or removed, saving time and cutting risk.

Get Frictionless Deployment and Rapid Scaling

Build, operate and scale your cloud deployments with security capabilities that integrate into the cloud application development lifecycle.

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