Cloud Migrations

Migrating to the cloud is easier than you might think. Take the first steps by following a proven methodology, using tools and partner offers to help along the way. Migrate to Azure in a way that works for your business without impacting your day-to-day operations, and learn ways of optimizing your migration to assure long-term results.

Cloud Migration Process

  • Start with the right plan and the best tools - Using the new Azure Migrate service, easily build the full list of your on-premises virtual machines and get help understanding the interdependencies among them. Map your migration groups, optimize utilization, and get recommendations and guidance for detecting and overcoming cloud migration obstacles.
  • Discover and assess your environment - Use automated tools to assess your workload configuration and create a customized, detailed validation plan. Calculate your total cost of ownership across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, so you can see where your migration investments make the most sense.
  • Migrate with minimal business impact - Migration doesn't have to mean downtime. Get there smarter and faster with flexible, powerful tools that help ensure successful workload migration, including validating all cloud applications and their dependencies, without disrupting your business.
  • Implement your cloud migration easily - Extend your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud for a truly consistent hybrid solution. Get there faster—and smarter—with flexible and powerful services that help ensure a successful workload migration and validation of all cloud applications and dependencies.

Your efforts don't stop there. After you have migrated, you'll need to monitor your applications and workload to ensure they're running at peak performance and using the right amount of resources. Sounds exhausting, right? With the wrong set of tools and services, it can be. That's why Microsoft is taking the pain out of migrating.

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