Benefit Realization Framework

Benefits realization framework provides organizations with a way to measure how projects and programs add true value to the enterprise.

IDENTIFY BENEFITS to determine whether projects, programs, and portfolios can produce the intended business results.

EXECUTE BENEFITS management to minimize risks to future benefits and maximize the opportunity to gain additional benefits.

SUSTAIN BENEFITS to ensure that whatever the project or program produces continues to create value.

With the complexities of our programs and projects today, the increasing use of virtual teams for our work, and our many stakeholders and challenges, our focus has shifted to a view of the business value of our work and its contribution to strategic goals and objectives from its outcomes. While we continue to focus on deliverable's, we also focus on benefits, which represent a culture change for many people in different organizations. Resemble Systems helps to analyze the benefits of entire Project Management Experience with our in-house developed Benefit Realization Framework. 

This emphasis on benefits involves identifying the benefits a program or project can provide in order to justify it, planning for how the benefits are to be realized successfully, monitoring and tracking the benefits and preparing a benefit report on a regular basis, and closing the program or project once all of the benefits have been attained and can then be transitioned to customers or an ongoing operational unit so they can be sustained. It is a new approach for many people to think of the work they are doing in terms of its ultimate benefits. Benefits realization is a positive change but one that needs to be ingrained in each person's work.

Objectives of Benefit Realization Framework 

  • To ensure benefits and identified and defined at the outset and linked to strategic outcomes
  • Define the baseline of expected benefits and measure the actual values periodically based on measurement cycle
  • Dashboard for insights in to “Baseline” vs “Target” with graphical indicators for variance
  • To ensure business areas are committed to realising their defined benefits
  • To drive the process of realizing benefits
  • To use the expected benefits as a road map for the program and projects - providing a focus for delivering change

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