Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

Uncover Advanced Threats Across Endpoint, Network, Email, and Web Traffic

Uncover the stealthiest threats that would otherwise evade detection by using global intelligence from one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks combined with local customer context

  • Best detection and accuracy in protecting against advanced persistent threats
  • Identify whether your organization is under targeted attacks and automatically search for Indicators-of-Compromise with Dynamic Adversary Intelligence
  • Detect and investigate suspicious events via unique sandboxing and payload detonation capability

Prioritize What Matters Most

Aggregate intelligence across multiple control points to identify and prioritize those systems that remain compromised and require immediate remediation

  • “Zero in” on the most critical incidences
  • Correlate threat events by aggregating intelligence across endpoint, email, network, and web traffic
  • Significantly reduce the number of incidents that security analysts need to investigate

Remediate Complex Attacks in Minutes

Contain and remediate all the instances of a threat with a single click of a button

  • Provides in-depth threat visibility across IT environments in one place, without requiring any manual searching
  • Instant search for Indicators-of-Compromise and visualize all related events of an attack, e.g. all files used in an attack, email addresses and malicious IP addresses involved
  • Click once to remediate any attack artifact everywhere – across Symantec-protected endpoint, network, email, and web traffic
  • Quickly isolate any compromised system from the enterprise network

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