The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on every aspect of your business, including your workforce management. RemoteLee is an innovative remote workforce solution designed by Resemble Systems for customers.

Dedicated Resource

Offers dedicated resources to be placed remotely working for full time for your organization

Optimize On-site Resource

Headcount costing is one of the challenges during COVID 19 and remote workforce helps optimize

Remote Infrastructure

Onsite infrastructure is going to be replaced with Remote Infrastructure

Quick Adoption

Remote Workforce culture can be quickly adopted just like onsite workforce

IT Policy

Remote Workforce are governed by the same policy as of onsite workforce to ensure quality delivery

Flexible Engagement

Measure the results out of remote workforce, understand the deviations around cost, budget with flexible options

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RemoteLee Overview 

Rise of Remote Working due to COVID 19 outbreak


What does the actual impact of Onsite Workforce? Watch this video to get a glimpse about RemoteLee

​Business needs to be agile to focus and deliver projects and achieve their objectives on timely basis. To enable this you require skilled, smart, energetic workforce who can deliver results.

Rise of Remote Working

​Recent environment situation made us to switch to a remote working culture very quickly; hence business managers need to adapt to fast-evolving conditions.

Business continuity is a prime focus for any organization to ensure their business is sustained, retain customers and achieve their objectives.

Due to the new norm of working, flexible working options to be provided.

Require resources to scale the IT operations and travel restrictions are becoming an issue.

Provisioning a similar work environment at remote locations for seamless working.

Guiding tools & technologies for monitoring and control

Governance and Compliance serve as a critical aspect in Corporate culture

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