Email Implementation & Migration

We offer Complete email solutions and consultation services. We can bring strength to your communication by using latest technology and social integrations.

Enterprises today are experiencing a fundamental shift in email space emphasizing, more than ever, the need for agile, secure and dynamic email solutions for their distributed workforce. The need to break down the barriers of inefficient communication and ensure seamless collaboration is phenomenal. A full-featured access to email and collaboration services is the need of the hour. We build, onboard, operate, manage and provide consulting services on email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook & Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino.

Our expertise on Email Migration has been proven in the last 6 years. We migrate from various other email platforms to Office 365 platform literally with no down time. We use 3rd party data migration tool to ensure that user’s mailbox, contact, calendar, sent folder and archives are moved to Office 365.

How Resemble helps

Resemble’s strength in delivering email on premise, cloud or hybrid model while integrating with Social, Unified Communications features like presence, instant messaging, web and video conferencing, VOIP, mobility and federation can help your business collaborate in real time, cut project costs and maintain timeliness. Our end-to-end service cover not just support solutions but also provide:

  • Provision Cloud based Email Services
  • Complete end to end migration and on boarding experience to Office 365
  • Onboard Email Workloads faster without additional training
  • Allow you to migrate data from any source to any destination
  • Eliminate desktop visits by allowing you to configure and manage them remotely
  • Offer 24/7 Managed Services to manage your cloud environment
  • Planning and Design your transition to cloud
  • Migration from any Cloud email platform
  • Proven track record in delivering on-premise email services such as IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange
  • AMC Service Desk for 12 months Level 1 & Level 2 support
  • Integrated service delivery , Resemble’s end-to-end delivery engine

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