Client name:



Agricultural Development Company



Business Scenario

What was your customer doing before you started working with them? 

  • Nadec was investing in CAPEX model for their IT Datacenter Investment.  
  • Customer had traditional on-premise data center with mix of physical and virtualized workloads.  

Illustrate for three to four sentences to explain some of their previous tactics, issues & business challenges.

  • Finance department wanted to move from CAPEX to OPEX investment model but keeping servers on-premise will need further CAPEX investment in managing data center and associated technology stack. 
  • Nadec had traditional monolithic applications that could not be modernized without integration to cloud. This includes their business-critical custom Sales Order Management solution. 
  • No automated way to scale the resources based on demand hence taking advantage of pay as you go pricing model. 
  • Huge cost in tools and human resource in securing and managing on-premise data center. 

Using their previous tactics/situation, what were their goals/objectives to improve & achieve? 

  • Nadec wanted to move to a flexible, open, secure and scalable cloud platform that would allow them to move the existing on-premise workloads to IaaS and take advantage of elastic pricing model and tight integration with Microsoft technologies. 

Solutions Delivered

Explain the solution delivered to the customer. 

  • Resemble Systems Designed and Architected Microsoft Azure IaaS for hosting Nadec Workload. 
  • Migrated 30+ workloads from on-premise to Azure with ‘zero’ downtime. 

How did RS service or product help the customer to implement a better process? 

  • Helped Nadec transform from CAPEX to OPEX investment in IT.
  • Defined roadmap for application modernization in a phase wise approach that impacts the user experience and adoption.
  • Reduced the server footprint by optimizing the HADR architecture by using Azure high availability features like scale set.
  • Saved huge cost by eliminating the overhead of power, technology, and human resources in managing datacenter.
  • Optimised cost by making use of auto scale feature in Azure where in non-critical workloads are shutdown during non-working hours.

Illustrate this in three to five sentences. 

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