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The Story

​Prime Computer was founded in 2013 and is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. ​Their roots are also reflected in their values, in actions and in every creative process of their team. The interplay of technology and nature and the resulting impact on society shape their actions and form ​their footprint, which we at Resemble Systems as their valued business partner in Middle East want to resell confidently with every step.

Flexible use thanks to unique features

The innovative, fanless design of Prime Computer products makes them suitable for use in a wide range of operating environments. Whether in food and beverage, hotels, hospitals and clinics, medical practices or offices, the unique features of our products provide significant benefits.

​Designed for Industry sectors

​Digitalisation has found its way into many areas of the hotel industry. Today, no hotel can survive without digital services, such as an automated online booking tool. In the hotel building computers are needed at various locations to meet the demands of today’s guests. Be it at the reception desk, as guest workstations in the lobby, in business centres and conference rooms, in guest rooms, keyword smart rooms or at the workplace of employees.

​Computers that are installed in hospitals or clinics must meet high hygienic standards in order to minimize the risk of infection transmission. Our fanless devices do not swirl around germs and can be easily disinfected, ensuring that you achieve your hygiene standards. Our clients have successfully used our products in operating theatres, intensive care and isolation wards, laboratories and patient rooms.

​Silent computers, with a compact design, are ideal for use in an office environment. The key features are optimal performance, low power consumption, quiet operation, small footprint and high reliability. Prime Computer’s smartly designed mini-PCs and servers combine all these qualities in an attractive yet unobtrusive design. This creates an ideal workplace where concentration is not disturbed by fan noise.

​Digital services are becoming increasingly important in the food and beverage sector and this requires the right hardware. Prime Computer mini-PCs and servers are designed with features to benefit the food and beverage industry. Our customers appreciate the compact form factor and the high reliability of the products, even when placed in rooms with greasy ambient air.

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