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Resemble Systems Wins 2019 Nintex Partner Award for Business Acceleration

Las Vegas, United States July 14, 2019—Resemble Systems is pleased to announce it has been named a winner in the 2019 Nintex Partner Awards within the Business Acceleration category.

Resemble Systems was recognized for their proven ability to accelerate business outcomes and results using the Nintex Process Platform. They have leveraged the powerful and easy-to-use capabilities of the Nintex Platform to digitally transform operations and enhance how people work.

“Nintex is honored to recognize Resemble Systems as a winner of the 2019 Nintex Partner Awards,” said Nintex CEO Eric Johnson. “Every day Nintex Partners, like Resemble Systems, help our customers achieve process excellence and digital transformation leveraging the Nintex Process Platform.”

“We are truly honored with this recognition from Nintex at Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas. Such appreciation would add greater responsibility to do more and encourage us to continue to invest on Nintex platform by developing more complex business applications that meet our customer’s complex business process challenges”, said Resemble Systems’ CEO & Founder Nazeer Aval

The Nintex Process Platform offers industry-leading process management and automation capabilities including: process mapping and management with Nintex Promapp®, robotic process automation (RPA) with Nintex Foxtrot® RPA, workflow automation, forms and mobile apps, document generation with Nintex DocGen® and Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation, and e-Signatures with Nintex Sign™ powered by Adobe Sign and process intelligence.

To learn more about Resemble Systems’s partnership with Nintex, visit URL:

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Resemble Systems is an innovative Software Solution Provider, a company with local presence in India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, providing business value focused software solutions and professional IT services. The company follow consultative approach in identifying customer’s business challenges and map those challenges and pain points with a unique, cost effective and secure solution that ensures Business Value, Maximum ROI and Lower TCO.

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