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Patch Management for Windows & Third-Party Software

Untrustworthy software is responsible for over 90 percent of data breaches worldwide. Determining which devices are not secure or which Windows or third-party software updates are missing, present the greatest risk to your network and danger to your IT environment. Failing to patch systems effectively can result in anything from minor security breaches to bringing your entire network down. It can be tricky for IT professionals to keep track or stay up-to-date with unpatched vulnerabilities due to lack of resources, time or even bandwidth for deployment.

IBM Endpoint Manager

Risk FREE Patch Management Service

Our expert patch management team provides reliable support with detection and remediation for Windows and third-party software updates. We work closely with you to provide safe and efficient endpoint security with our experienced patch management team who will keep your endpoints such as computers and laptops updated and secure.

Our Patch Management as a Service (PMaaS) solution uses IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM)—built on BigFix technology.

Our service allows you to answer the following questions:

  • What are the endpoints on my network? How are they configured?
  • How do I know when a patch is needed or that it was installed properly?
  • What is the compliance status of my endpoints?
  • How about the roaming users?
  • How fast can I respond to a security exposure?

What is EndPoint Management?

EndPoint management is not just about the software technology used to deploy patches, software distribution but it is also about having the right people and processes in place to make a solution work.

There are many compelling reasons to buy our service:

  • Software or Operating Systems vulnerabilities of un-patched systems are targets for malware, viruses and trojans.
  • Un-patched systems are in breach of new and increased governance
  • There are also threats brought through modern working practices, remote workers, interconnected sites.
IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager

How Our Service Works?


All endpoints are scanned for missing Microsoft and third-party updates. These vulnerabilities are ranked by importance using a universal score, vendor ratings and zero-day attack alerts.


All missing software updates are tested for compatibility issues. Recommendations on which patches to deploy and when are made in the remediation planning stage.


An important part of our service is keeping in touch. We work closely with you to design an efficient remediation plan specific to your business requirements.


Patches are scheduled and deployed to mitigate any user interruption. We will not deploy too quickly if your environment can’t cope, notifying you in the planning phase. Deployment begins with a pilot and an agreed rollout.


We will keep you updated on repair activity and overall success. Our in-depth, comprehensible reports and metrics can be customized and include which patches have been deployed, when and the success.

IBM Endpoint Manager Patch Management
Tivoli Endpoint Manager BigFix

4 Steps to Successful Patch Management Service

Our patch management solution continually monitor an endpoint to ensure they are patch compliant.

  1. The monitoring console displays all relevant Patches for non compliant systems
  2. Our engineers can review, prioritise, schedule and deploy patches just by right clicking on the patch
  3. The agent confirms that a patch has been successfully deployed.
  4. Reporting and Dashboard to decision makers allows you to audit and assess the patch compliance across your enterprise
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