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Engagement highlights

Customer has engaged with Resemble systems for designing Intranet Portal for Lulu Group mainly for Hypermarkets, including 5 manual workflow applications.

Solution Brief

World class Intranet Portal as the Gateway for employees of Lulu Group globally aggregating people, process and data, not only improved internal collaboration but also helped maximize ROI for the investments in Microsoft Office 365.

“It has been great pleasure working with Resemble Systems. They have delivered projects within time with exceptional quality of service and always offered an exceptional customer care”

- Madhava Rao – ex-CIO, Lulu Group, Abudhabi -

Business Scenario

  • Customer did not have an intranet portal for employees. Internal collaboration was mainly via Email system. HR Forms were manually managed for example, A4 size forms route by email for review.
  • Email systems were mainly used for internal collaboration. Employee on-boarding has been one of the biggest challenges. Manual Forms were sent for approval by email, takes time, decrease efficiency and bring inaccuracy.
  • Client wants to increase collaboration among employees, make marketing content available to all employees, make horizontal business processes automated and make it available on the Portal as the Gateway for all Lulu employees across the globe.

Solutions Delivered

  • Developed SharePoint Online based intranet portal with attractive user interface design helped increased user adoption.
  • Intranet Portal became the Gateway for employees of Lulu Group globally to look for information, processes and people that improved internal collaboration. The portal also helped maximise ROI for the investments in Microsoft Office 365.
  • Deployed workflow-based applications that automated 5 manual business processes increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Our Adoption workshops across Lines of Businesses helped customer to understand the areas of improvements and importance in internal collaboration.


  • Process automation & improvement helped to save 35%
  • Increased efficiency in communication & collaboration by 65%
  • Intranet Portal increased adoption of SharePoint Online 100%

Technology Highlight

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
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