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​Transformational Leadership Team

Resemble Systems’s leaders are central to our Transformation Journey of the last 10 years. Leaders can be found at all levels of our company and it is through their efficacy, influence and ability to inspire that our company is reinventing itself to lead in the era of Digital Transformation and to drive new business value for our clients. As we develop leaders from aspiring managers to senior executives, we strive to create innovative, experiential and practical learning opportunities and resources that foster an understanding of their role and purpose, while preparing them for an environment that is increasingly collaborative, self-directed and agile.

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​Nazeer Aval

​CEO & Founder

​Nazeer is the Founder and CEO of Resemble Systems, a self-made Entrepreneur who's love for entrepreneurship began as far back grade schools. ​His primary responsibilities include developing high quality business strategies, plans ensuring their alignment with short term and long term objectives, overseeing major corporate decisions and managing the overall operations and resources of the company.

​Rafsad Vazhayil

​Country Sales Manager

​Rafsad is the Country Sales Manager in Saudi Arabia, started ​with ​Resemble Systems from its inception and has been spear heading various functions within the company, currently leading dynamic Sales team in Saudi Arabia. His strength is not only building customer relationship but also maintaining it while bringing value to customers. Over these years, Rafsad helped hundreds of organizations with Digital Transformation solutions.

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​Rahul Mohan

​Head of Application Development

​Rahul ​is Head of Application Development at Resemble Systems. He is known for bringing in Innovation, with his core analytical insight and expertise in Programming and Coding skills, currently managing dynamic software engineers. His role is to interface with the customers to bring about the best in class consulting and assessment of customer situations and map with the solutions that Resemble Systems is offering. He helped hundreds of customers with Digital Transformation solutions.

​Jithin Jayan

​Enterprise Solution Architect

​Jithin is Enterprise Solution Architect, famously known for "One-stop-shop" knowledge pool within Resemble Systems, has been playing key roles across various functions within Resemble Systems. His current role is to ensure win new projects with his expertise around multiple technologies across industry verticals and to ensure projects are delivered smoothly, a subject matter expert of several sophisticated ​business solutions. He successfully built several CoE initiatives within the company.

​Abdul Alim

​Chief Operating Officer

​Abdulalim is Chief Operating Officer, passionate about high quality employee as well as customer experiences across our ​its life cycle. He is focused on building and managing effective processes, systems, across people and tools, to increase our operational excellence. He delights in alignment around a common goal, often achieved through healthy and clear communication. He is responsible for Human Resources, Recruitment and IT Operation. His focus always is to increase headcount. 

​Farrukh Anwar

​Head of Infrastructure ​Services​

​Farrukh is Head of Infrastructure Management Services within Resemble Systems. He also manage our customer's Project delivery with his expertise on PMP and built a strong Project Management team within Resemble Systems. His role is really make an impact on professional services revenue from Cloud computing and other infrastructure related product deployment revenue. His focus currently is to build a strong services team while building new vendor relationship

​Rafnas Rafeek

​Finance ​Manager

​Rafnas is Finance Manager at Resemble Systems. His ​role is ​to collect, interpret and review financial information. His key focus is to predict financial trends and report to management and stakeholders, providing advice how the company and future business decisions might be impacted. His focus is planning, budgeting, forecasting for the fiscal years, and help ​decision ​with the relevant data that brings ​long term effects.

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