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​Transformational Leadership Team

Resemble Systems’s leaders are central to our Transformation Journey of the last 10 years. Leaders can be found at all levels of our company and it is through their efficacy, influence and ability to inspire that our company is reinventing itself to lead in the era of Digital Transformation and to drive new business value for our clients. As we develop leaders from aspiring managers to senior executives, we strive to create innovative, experiential and practical learning opportunities and resources that foster an understanding of their role and purpose, while preparing them for an environment that is increasingly collaborative, self-directed and agile.

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​Nazeer Aval

​CEO & Founder

​Sivaraman Vasudevan

​Head of Business Transformation

​Rafsad Vazhayil

​Country Sales Manager

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​Rahul Mohan

​Head of Application Development

​Jithin Jayan

​Enterprise Solution Architect

​Abdul Alim

​Chief Operating Officer

​Farrukh Anwar

​Head of Infrastructure Management Services / PMO

​Rafnas Rafeek

​Finance ​Manager

​Noor Ayeisha

​Marketing Manager

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