At Resemble Systems we build, operate and provide professional services on email and collaboration platforms like IBM Notes Domino, Microsoft Exchange etc.


ReplixFax is a reliable, highly scalable and cost-effective network fax server that is designed to reduce costs, improve productivity and streamline communications for companies. It enables end users to easily send and receive faxes from their desktop, email systems or any business application. By enabling fax automation across the network, enterprises are able to speed up mission-critical fax communications and achieve greater efficiency for business collaboration.


Maximize Your Domino Capabilities

The ReplixFax for Domino solution is tightly integrated with familiar Notes
e-mail desktop and Domino Directory extending Domino messaging capabilities.

Domino and Business Application Faxing Made Simple

Organizations can streamline their business communication processes by automating e-document delivery from their host or server-based business applications.

Built-in Fax Server Clustering

ReplixFax platform supports a cost-effective, built-in fax server cluster configuration that is easy to manage, provides high availability and load sharing among multiple fax server hosts to meet your mission critical fax processing needs.

Scalable and Centralized Administration

The ReplixFax for Domino uses dynamic synchronization to automatically fax-enable a large number of users. Using the Domino Directory, ReplixFax for Domino fax server automatically creates a valid fax user account entry upon successful verification of the user when the user sends his first fax.

Fax Archiving for Compliance

ReplixFax for Domino is integrated with third party document management systems that provide automated capture, indexing and archiving of inbound/ outbound fax documents into the document management system.

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