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Email Marketing

Create and automate sophisticated email marketing campaigns that drive conversions and more deeply engage both current and prospective customers


Lead Nurturing

Improve marketing efficiency by entering “not -yet-ready-to-buy” leads into automated campaigns that monitor buyer behavour and serve up timely and relevant content.


Lead Management

Gain insight into lead progression at every stage of the buying cycle. Know exactly when a lead has been qualified by marketing, accepted by sales and turned into revenue.


CRM & Web Analytics Integration

Leveraging point-and-click integration between Silverpop Engage,, Web analytics providers and virtually any other application gives you the power to.


Data & List Management

Import, manage and leverage your marketing data with the industry’s most flexible data management solution.



Deploy integrated surveys to gather deeper customer insight and broader customer attributes that can help drive ROI & increase the relevance of your communications.


Lead & Contact Scoring

Define the criteria that identifies a qualified lead, and Silverpop Engage does the rest. Hot leads are automatically funneled to sales, while earlier-stage leads are sent to your nurturing programs.


Landing Pages

Create personalised Web forms, landing pages and microsites that can be integrated with your marketing efforts to drive acquisition and conversion.


Multi Channel Marketing

Automate and coordinate delivery of messages across any number of channels, including email, Web sites, landing pages, RSS, mobile and social media.


Reporting & Analytics

Improve marketing results with real-time, data-driven insights that help you optimise performance and prove ROI.

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