IBM Partners

HCL Business Partner

Authorized Reseller for HCL Software (All ex-IBM Software)

Resemble Systems is proud to be HCL Authorized Software Partner authorized to resell ex-IBM Software licenses in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and India markets with strong implementation skills across various ex-IBM Software and Cloud Solutions with a proven track record since 10 years of working on that ex-IBM software by demonstrating skills and offering innovative services to our customers.

HCL Software Technology Supported

Resemble Systems offer advanced technical skill sets on deploying HCL Software Solutions. Certified engineers simplify the deployment, application development, and monitoring of HCL Software infrastructure.

Notes and Domino

As a fully integrated platform, Notes and Domino solutions offer a stable on-premise messaging and collaboration solutions to organizations who are also looking for a secure and stable emailing solution. The real value of using Notes and Domino platform comes from automating workflow processes.

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