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A branded email is one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools for any business; companies send hundreds if not thousands of emails everyday, why not have your brands on every email? Below you will find a simple animation of a perfectly branded email and some information about how Crossware Mail Signature can help for either Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 or IBM Domino.

Crossware Gold Partner

Crossware Mail Signature gives you the ability to manage enterprise-wide email signatures, ensuring consistency and compliance. It is a server-based application for IBM Notes Domino & Microsoft Exchange that automatically adds compliant, personalized and attractive email signatures to all emails.

Crossware Mail Signature removes the need to configure signatures on each workstation, and requires no design changes to your Domino Directory or mail template.

Signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners that can be randomised or specific to certain recipients.

Why use Crossware Mail Signature?

IT Management

Save a huge amount of time by managing your entire organisation’s email signatures from one central database.


Get the maximum out of your branding budget by ensuring that every email will convey your organisation’s professional brand image and advertisements.


Every single email from any device will be compliant with your correct disclaimer details.
Why use Crossware Mail Signature?
– Supports all mobile devices
– No need to use a specific client or app
– Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

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Start using Crossware Mail Signature and extend your email platform to ensure brand consistency on every email.


Crossware Mail Signature

Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365 

Benefits and features

  • Managed signatures and disclaimers
  • Complied with EU email disclaimer legislation
  • Appended tamper-proof signatures at server
  • No desktop software installation necessary
  • Supports Notes, iNotes, Blackberry and Lotus Traveler compatible devices including iPhone
  • Certified for all Lotus Domino and Microsoft platforms
  • Includes personalized information from your directory
  • Empowers to manage the design of your signature block, including logos, fonts and also includes personalized information.

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