Covid-19 Pandemic - We Care

Resemble Systems is now dealing with the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid 19) pandemic. Technology is at the core of what we do, and that is enabled the team to transition to remote working while minimizing the impact to daily operations. We are in regular contact with our customers to check their health and safety as well as the economic impact of the Coronavirus, and we are closely working with them and updating them on how effectively we are working from home.

Our team is working round the clock to deliver the projects on-time and we have requested all our employees to strictly stay at home, self-quarantine to ensure self & family safety and be in good health. We have established business continuity plans in place and are taking steps to ensure that we maintain operational readiness, even as we continue to be guided by advisories from local governments of the countries we operate in. Our team is monitoring the evolving situation 24x7, and we are briefed daily of the developments and responses.

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01 Step taken

Our Employees health & safety has been our priority. Well before Govt's announced the lock-down, we have decided to work from home, therefore most of our employees were safely able to reach their respective hometown and now staying with their family to ensure self and their family safety and well-being.

02 Next Step

We have informed our major clients about our working from home and how we are making it effective by extending the respective project dashboards to our customers. Also we brief them on the status of team's well being in our weekly governance calls.

03 Another Step

We have communicated our customers with the Business Continuity Plan focused around business critical applications that are deployed at the customer's premise and/or on Cloud environments.

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Follow routines and typical workstyles


  1. Maintain daily routines as when working regularly –get up at the same time, take a shower, dress-up, get breakfast and then start working at the same time you normally do at the office.
  2. Dress as going to work –following your normal patterns and “dressing up” will switch you into working mode instead of “being at home mode”
  3. If you have struggle getting into a working mode in the morning, leave your apartment, walk around the block and then open your laptop –simulate going to the office
  4. Structure your day along key tasks/ objectives to achieve –keep track of what has to be done during the day (and week and month) and clearly decide when to do/ finalize it

Feels like “day off at home”

  1. Remind yourself that this is the “new normal” for some days/ weeks –meaning the work does not change, just the location
  2. Keep up a normal work mindset –it’s not a home office Friday/ vacation day but a normal full-time working day for your employer
  3. Wake up early and start work early as well–until typically unproductive afternoon times you will have achieved a lot (and then earned a longer break!)
  4. Earn rewards after finishing something and than take yourself so time to do something you like you could normally not do in the office (e.g., cook something nice, do sports etc.)
  5. Use productivity software to keep track and remind you what still has to be done –good examples are Focus Booster, Trello, etc.
  6. If you realize you get distracted/ demotivated take a break –use the flexibility of home office and go for a walk or change locations to another room
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Contact here for any emergency

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Mobile: +918861349922

Saudi Arabia

Mobile: +966500087930

United Arab Emirates

Mobile: +971503862370


Mobile: +97455543569

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