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Cloud Risk Assessment

Organisations are adopting cloud and SaaS at a rapid pace. Whether you allow or block these apps, chances are your users have found a way to access them. Performing a netskope cloud risk assessment will help you understand which cloud applications are in use in your organization. The assessment will provide you an overview of the apps, how enterprise ready they are, how risky they are for your organisation, and recommendations for mitigating that risk. It can provide answers to the hard questions your organization leadership is asking, as well serve as a starting point for your cloud strategy.

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Application Health Check

Resemble Systems help clients to audit their collaboration infrastructure in order ensure that software deployed are aligned with best practices.

  • Architectural Review
  • Configuration review
  • Performance Analysis
  • Security base lining
  • Recommendations
  • Log Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Reports

Products Covered

  • IBM Domino
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Security Gap Analysis

Resemble Systems as an Information Security consultant helps clients conduct an information security gap analysis. This analysis provides a comparison of your current security program verses overall security best practices. By comparing these best practices to actual practices, we can shed light on areas where vulnerabilities and risk are lurking. However, it is not only important that a gap analysis be conducted, it also important that it will be done efficiently. Below are the steps we follow for this engagement.

  • Choose an industry standard security framework-ISO 27002
  • Evaluate people and process
  • Data gathering on current technology used
  • Analysis of your security program
  • Recommend the right solution to plug the gap

Application Development

Resemble Systems helps clients on application development for their business requirements coming from Line of Businesses (LoBs). Below are the steps that we follow on such engagements:

  • Study the current AS-IS business processes
  • Architectural Design
  • Application Integration Study
  • Design and develop process archtecture
  • Design Prototype, UI/UX design
  • Design workflows
  • Develop of Scope of Work
  • Professional Documentation

Data Analytics

Resemble Systems helps clients on data analytics for their business requirements coming from Line of Businesses (LoBs). Below are the steps that we follow on such engagements:

  • Study on Information Infrastructure
  • Study the current AS-IS data analytics
  • Review the current data landscape
  • Current ETL processes
  • Datawarehouse
  • Analysis & Reporting service
  • Roadmap and Strategy
  • Presentation Layer
  • Professional Documentation
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