7 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

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7 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

From small enterprises, medium sized companies to Fortune 500 companies, all sizes of businesses use Microsoft SharePoint software. Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration and document management platform, helps organizations increase productivity, allows teams to collaborate with each other and minimize risk associated with the IT. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint for businesses:

1. Intranet Portal
Bringing employees under one umbrella has been a daunting task for most organisations. Aggregating unstructured content, workflow processes, business applications and reporting dashboards into one single intranet portal brings lot of value to an organization. SharePoint’s capability to act as an Intranet Portal with single sign on increases employee productivity. Business applications, reporting & dashboard to specific business users based on their role can be rendered easily than never before.

2. Document Management that Promotes collaboration among employees
End to end Document Management capabilities within SharePoint enables team members and colleagues to stay connected with with content throughout the content’s lifecycle. This streamlined approach ultimately allows information to flow conveniently in the entire organization that results in increased productivity, quick decision making and enhanced collaboration.

3. Business Process Automation to Enhance productivity
Automating manual workflow processes improves employee productivity and efficiency by making day-to-day business easier. SharePoint workflow solutions allows tracking, monitoring and reporting common business activities such as reviewing and approving documents, signature collection a breeze.

4. Business Intelligence Facilitates decision making
SharePoint assembles and presents critical information from various sources information in one centralized location using integrated BI capabilities, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, scorecards and so on. It enables multiple users to access reports, important data, and KPIs using single, centralized version and make informed decisions.

5. SharePoint Applications on Mobile Devices for User Experience
Mobility is key for any growing organization to enhance end user experience. SharePoint applications and workflow forms can be enabled for mobile devices and smartphones. Having access to workflow basket for approvals from mobile devices helps managers to quickly respond to business requests from subordinates.

6. Robust security
SharePoint platform enables companies to effectively manage sensitive business data and prevent its unauthorized use. SharePoint cloud solutions ensure that integrity of confidential documents stored on cloud are never compromised.

7. Centralised Administration & Control
As an organization grows, managing a large amount of data and files becomes a herculean task. It becomes hard to track and manage multiplying documents in different locations. The best part of using SharePoint is that employees can easily access data from anywhere in the world. Besides they can perform backups, effectively manage security settings, perform SharePoint upgrade services, change application settings; all from a single location. Microsoft SharePoint Server provides administrators with unique sets of tools to tweak, and customize the entire SharePoint experience to make it work according to your company’s needs and branding.




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